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Hello Family and Friends,
This has been an interesting week for me.  I now understand what everyone talks about when they say that being a missionary can be very challenging.  I have realized that I am a very private person and I love my alone time.  Also that this was the best way to bring out my weaknesses.  We had a lesson yesterday when our Korean teacher pulled out this book where we talked about our perposes as missionaries and I remembered when Dennis came into our office and talked about this new book that they were coming out with that really emphasised the role of the missionary in “teaching people not lessons” to put it in simpler terms, to teach by the spirit. During that lesson, I think I had an epiphany that every missionary has their first week at the MTC.  Ben tried to teach me about this last winter, that the first person we need to bring unto Christ is ourselves.  I always brushed it off because I was satisfied with my relationship with him.  However, this week, I have not been able to make as much use of my personal study time like I could at home.  It has to be efficient and I need the spirit to guide me to what I need to hear right away rather than me searching for it. Anyway, so we watched a couple clips from missionary discussions and a clip from one of Elder Holland’s talks that he gave here at the MTC.  In it he said that “we preach to our investigators and we have so many desires of them, but when we visit our own conversions, it is often much more half hearted and less sincere than these people who are truly searching for the words of Christ.  This struck me pretty hard because I have always felt like I had a pretty sincere relationship with Him, but when I thought about my intent vs. what I actually do, there was a very large gap in what I actually do.  He said “Whatever you want of your investigator, He (Christ) wants of you. If you want them to pray more sincerely, He wants you to pray more sincerely.  Less rehearsed, more heartfelt. You are the one soul that you have responsibililty to save”.  I then thought of the talk “Broken things to Mend”.  In that talk, Elder Holland says “Then, when you walk as He walks, and do as He does, THEN and only then will you be able to talk about your problems and struggles and THEN He will give you your answers”.  So much of our discipleship is forgetting about ourselves and handing it all over to God and it MUST start with you.  I have so much more that I want to say, but I don’t have much time.
I want to know how everyone is doing.  I am thinking about making a format for everyone to respond with.  Something like, One thing that made them laugh this week, one thing that made them think… :and one thing that they are grateful for maybe a little more than they were before.  THey can all be related or they can all be completely random. Family can Email it to me and friends can write me a letter.  I love you much!!
Sara’s email address:  (no they didn’t misspell her name – it is Sara H :))  Her address at the MTC is:
Sister Sara Kristine Hansen
Korea Daejeon
Box 206
2005 North 900 East
Provo, UT   84604

Wednesday, October 19, Sara went into the MTC.  She is going to the Korea Daejeon Mission.  We went out to lunch at Brick Oven, and then we all piled in Ben’s truck to drop her off.  Here are some pictures from the day.

Lunch at Brick Oven