Hello Family and friends!
How has you week been thus far?  I feel like I have had a pivotal week this week.  I have found myself wondering why I didn’t decide to go on a mission a year ago.  I love it here!  Sometimes it is challenging, but I think that overall, it will be worth it.
So, something I have been thinking about…
I have told a very select few about this angel thing going on here, so I realize that only a few will actually get this reference.  But, to put it short, when Koreans think someone is especially sweet or kind, I have noticed that they call them an angel. SO, I was thinking about Elder Hollands talk about angels being among us.  Also of the phrase in “As Sisters in Zion” that says “The errand of angels is given to women and this is a gift that as sisters we’ll… claim” (?) Anyway, I was just thinking about what it actually means to be an angel. I went to the bible dictionary and looked up the term angels and two things jumped out at me while thinking of the characteristics that an earthly angel might actually have.   The first was that an angel is messengers of the Lord.  The second was that Angels are spoken of in the epistle to the Hebrews as “ministering spirits”.  I thought of what it means to minister and the bible dictionary was able to supply my definition again.  It said “to do the Lords work on earth.  Also, to represent the Lord among the people.”  Right now  I have a badge that says Jesus Christ’s name under mine thereby saying that I am a representative of him among the people on the earth.  That is a huge responsibility.  I thought more of the term to minister by… I guess you might say by being motherly, nurturing, taking care.  I have decided that just might be a fairly correct definition.  If the Lord were on the earth, he would be nurturing, taking care of and preaching to the people on this earth.  I think its easier said than done and more easy to pretend than to truly think in that nurturing and caring way to preach to the people here on earth.  Something that a teacher said this week that made me think a lot was that when we go to Korea, we will meet our heavenly friends. I know this is true because of the people I have met here.  Our paths would not have crossed any other way and I am so grateful that Heavenly Father has led me to wonderful people wherever I have been.
Something I am grateful for:
To continue from the above statement, I am grateful for Heavenly Fathers hand in my life.  I was talking to a good friend going to Taiwan this week.  We were talking about how we were SO unsure about going on a mission and then, we made the decision to go and here we are.  We were on our bikes in gym and just talking about how Heavenly Father is blessing us in SO MANY areas in our lives.  I was overwhelmed by how much he has given me.  We are learning languages that will be useful to us in our future, we are learning to teach even in this completely foreign language, we are learning to get along with our companions and essentially learning to love everyone no matter what their circumstance and position.  I LOVE it.  I have so many friends that have been so supportive and wonderful.
Something that made me laugh:
Haha, um Jacob, I heard about your bike.  I think that is hilarious….Did you finally buy a lock? Did you talk to the guy in your ward that took it?  I love you, but it would sure be nice to hear from ALL my brothers 🙂  You mean the world to me.  The elders here tease me a lot.  It reminds me of you and I miss you a lot.  But, yes that is something that made me laugh.
I am out of time,
Much love,
Sister Hansen