Hello Family and Friends!!


Something I have been thinking about…

Gratitude: This is something that wasn’t brought on by the Holiday coming around the corner, but something that my good friends named Nephi and President Thomas S. Monson said.  I was reading in Nephi 9 (?) and Nephi says something about what he was recording and why.  He said that he was writing to record Gods dealings or ministry to his people.  I hadn’t really thought of it this way before, but that is what the whole Book of Mormon is made up of. It is people recording Gods dealings with them or their family or their people. Because they recognized and recorded the hand of  God in their life, they were filled with gratitude at his mercy and his love for them.  I wonder if the prophets of the book of mormon picked up those plates they had to engrave on and thought… how did we see God’s hand in this battle or in this experience.  I also suspect that it became much easier for them to recall seeing the hand of God in their life.  Because they were quick to remember their God when they received blessings, they received more.  Writing down and pondering about the blessings we receive is one of the sincerest forms of gratitude.  Our Heavenly Father loves us and he wants us to know that he loves us.  If we aren’t noticing the blessings he is already giving us, who are we to ask for more? Any way there is a lot more where that came from.  I invite you to study the principle of gratitude this week.  If you need a place to start, start with Nephi and his experience and read President Monson’s talk from October 2010 conference on Gratitude.  But most importantly, ponder and write down what you are grateful for.  If you want to, send me an email back (or better yet, a dear elder) telling me what you are grateful for. That way, I can be reminded of blessings I may have forgotten.


Something that made me laugh…

Its hard to remember…. I should have written it down.  Well the first thing that comes to mind is the only thing I can think of so bear with me.  We had a sister in our room who was on Typhoid medication. So, when you’re on typhoid medication it does funny thing to your stomach.  With this sister, it gave her gas.  Me and another sister were having trouble sleeping and this other sister … farted… really loud.  I tried to keep my laughter in, but the other sister just burst out laughing.  Well, the noise and the rumble woke up the sister who (shall I say… ) delt it.  And then our cumulative laughing ensued.  Oh the joys of living in such close quarters.  Well then, a sister woke up and walked out of the room because of the laughing.  We thought she was mad but she was just confused and didn’t remember that she was here at the MTC so she woke up and walked around the residence hall.  It all ended well though because there was another sister from a different room who couldn’t sleep sitting out in the hall.  She was pretty discouraged because she wasnt able to go to her mission with the rest of her district. THe sister that woke up and wandered around was able to talk to her for a while and it was all good.  Sorry for the glimpse of sister hansens immaturity, but it was all I could think of.


Something I am grateful for…

I am so grateful for my family. I love that I have been raised by 3 boys,  a dad, and 2 moms.  I am so grateful for all of the wisdom that you have all shared with me.  I am grateful for the generations past that have instilled in us a way of living and a mindset of doing good.  I am grateful for the opportunity that I have to go to Korea.  I am getting so excited.

I am now out of time, but I love you all SO much.  Thank you for the emails!

Much love

Hansen 자매