Dearest family and friends,

Thanks for all of the letters! I appreciate all of you. I heard about the turkey that didn’t cook… how exactly did that happen? Did you check to see if the oven was on ;)? Thank goodness smiths was open. Thank you for all of your prayers. Surprisingly, I didn’t get homesick at all on Thanksgiving. It was actually quite wonderful. Kaela knows a little bit more about that… maybe she could tell all of you at Sunday dinner. Why does she know more than everyone else?? Because I SAW HER AT DR. BRADY’S OFFICE today!! It was the best thing in the world. Definitely a tender mercy. Kaela, I hope your aren’t as sore as I am tonight. Mom and Dad, he wants to see me every week before I go. Let me know if that is going to be a problem.
Your pill story was funny but it kind of made me sad at the same time. Are you doing better now?

Ben: I am writing you a hand written letter tonight.

The story about Elder Cook made me think of that time that I ran into President Uchtdorf in the tunnel.
Like Elder Cook, I was staring at the floor, worried that going on a mission was not the right thing for me and frankly, I was miserable. Elder Uchtdorf stared at me until I looked up. He then cheerfully waved his hand and said … “hello!” haha, I am sure if he could, he would tell me that it was better to look up. Cheerfulness is so important. Heavenly Father wants us to be happy and he is blessing us with so many things. We just have to notice them. It also reminds me of a painting by Norman Rockwell that I wrote a paper on. It was titled “Lift Thine Eyes” I love that painting… it just reminds us that our lives should never be too busy to lift our eyes.

Something funny:
I have two funny stories. This past week, I was in the cafeteria and i just finished my food. There was something going on at the other table and an elder asked me a question. I don’t remember what he said, but I laughed with the sisters that were next to me, and then I ran into a pole. Yeah, one of the poles in the new part of the cafeteria. An elder then hollered, “don’t worry sister, no one saw that”! And if they didn’t see, it didn’t matter because now everyone knew and that whole section of the cafeteria was laughing.

funny #2
This happened a couple of weeks ago. When we were young, the boys always told me that there was a certain kind of packing peanuts that we could eat. They said that it was like popcorn or puffy Cheetos. So when the Korean missionaries were here, one of them got a package. They saw me in the hallway and said “Sister Hansen, Sister Hansen! We got a package!!” They showed me that package and what they got. They then started emptying the box of packing peanuts. I told them to stop and was trying to explain that my brothers used to tell me that they were edible and so I ate them when I was young. I think they only understood the edible part. So one of them put his hand in the box and grabbed a handful. or maybe it actually happened like this… I took a handful and said “They’re edible!” They gave me a really strange look and so I took a bite out of one. He got an even funnier look on his face and grabbed a handful and started eating. Then, I just felt really bad. Before he ate more than his handful I stopped him and told him that my brothers told me that when I was young.

Something I am grateful for:
I am grateful for the teachers and staff here at the MTC. I dont know that people really understand how amazing they are. They devote SO much time to their lesson plans and to coordinating between teachers. We are loosing one this week. I am sad about this because he was such a phenomenal teacher. He taught me to really latch on and do the best that I can in learining Korean, but more importantly in teaching through the spirit to touch the lives of others. After class with Brother Davis, I feel like I can teach with power and authority. I want to be a better disciple in all things. I hope God blesses me with the power to do so. I know that this work is true and essential for our return to Heavenly Father I know that they worry so much about us being good teachers for their people in Korea. Having them has made such an impact on my life. If any of you ever get an opportunity to teach here, it will change your life. He said that he has loved his time teaching here almost as much as he loved his mission.

I am out of time, but I love you all and have a wonderful week!