Dear Family and friends,
Boy this week has been… quite a week… I am not sure why, but I have been overwhelmed and stressed a bit. So stressed that I got a tension headache last night.  However, its ok, I am happy.  MOM I loved your story… oh and I love Debbi too.  I miss her and the office.  Tanya, way to go running with my momma!  She’ll get faster… just push her competitive spirit a little 🙂
Jacob and Kaela, you have hand written letters coming so… congratulations!  I love you.  Everyone else, I am SO sorry.  I go to Dr. Brady’s every week so I don’t have very much time at all to write letters. 
so… Something that made me think…
Last week, we met with our Branch President.  His name is President Shin and he is wonderful.  We were talking about Korean Culture a little bit.  Koreans have this thing called Jung or 정.  I don’t really know how to describe it, but it is a status in a relationship.  You know how we develop really close relationships with people and then some years later, that relationship is reduced to a mere acquaintance?  I am pretty bad at keeping relationships with people alive, so I am probably an offender of this principle of… life.  Well, in Korea that closeness is described as Jung.  To have jung between you and a friend would mean that you would die for this friend. You don’t lose contact and you treasure this relationship.  If for some reason you don’t keep  up with these people, you lose their trust and their friendship.  I have been thinking about this and how its relatively easy to get to know people and begin to care about them so much that you would really die for them.  However, this level of relationship is so easy to lose.  I think that everyone innately wants to have someone that they can experience Jung with, but it takes work in keeping up.  I feel like there have been so many wonderful examples of people that just naturally gave me this trust, but I haven’t treasured it as much as I should have.  I am a little nervous to go to Korea and to share with them something so important for their salvation and happiness and through that, develop jung.  I worry that i will somehow offend someone and lose this trust.  However, I am also so excited to develop this with people that I have seen.  That I knew that I would teach and grow so close to.  I think that this mission will be the best thing for my life.  I can already see it changing my heart…. although it is small, it is changing into the heart I long to have.  I don’t know if this makes any sense, but it is honestly what I have been thinking about. 
Something that I am grateful for…
I got my first package yesterday!!  The 8th ward sent it to me.  It was the sweetest thing to know that I am even thought of! I am grateful for the influence of our ward and stake and the people that have influenced my life.  I have learned so much from them.  I was writing thank-you notes to them a couple of weeks ago, and I was humbled at how amazing and giving our ward is.  My mind was filled with memories of my childhood.  People who had families and very busy lives were always inviting us over and having family home evenings and going on field-trips to salt lake and manti and even to their grandparents house in price utah.  I have been so touched at how selfless they have been and how much love they showed toward our family.  I find it amazing as well, that as I took the time to think about them, my mind was filled with priceless memories of them and how they had served our family.
Something that made me laugh…
I love my companion.  She is pretty unique.  She has so many strengths and I am grateful to have a companion like her.  Well, one thing about her, is that she is super blunt.  At first, it was kind of hard for me to get used to, but I have learned to accept it and we are just learning to work together.  So last month, after fast and testimony meeting was over, she told me “I thought in my head..if hansen chamae gets up, then I will get up, but if she doesn’t get up to bear her testimony, I wont get up”.  So, this fast Sunday, I got up and the first thing that I said was that she had told me that, so this week I got up.  I bore my testimony and sat down.  I sat down next to her and she didn’t say a word to me.  I think she was a little bit ticked. You see, that wasn’t very nice of me to just spring that on her.  So, she started bouncing her leg and it kept increasing in speed untill she got up (she just does that when she gets nervous).  She walked up there and said “Since my companion threw me under the bus, I figured I might as well get up”.  Blunt. Anyway, I am not sure why, but it just kind of tickled my sense of humor.
I love you all so much!  
I will be leaving in about 4 weeks!  I am SO excited.  It will be different, but I’m pretty confident that I will love Korea.  
Hansen 자매 
One more thing… CONGRATULATIONS to Braden and Jordan!  I wish I could be there for the weddings!