Dearest Family,
Hello from a block away at the MTC!  Things have been pretty good this week.  Nothing really exciting happened, but life is good nonetheless.  Brother Heaton spoke to us on Sunday!  It was so good.  We really come from a unique stake.  There is so much wisdom there.  HE talked about how sometimes hearts change so imperceptibly.  It was really inspirational because we really can{t see everything at once. Heavenly Father knows us so well and gives us the experiences we most need to prepare us for what is next in our lives.  It is the same with the people that we teach.  We cant tell everything that is going through their head, but he is preparing them the entire time.
Something I am grateful for:
Because we lost a teacher a couple of weeks ago, we got another teacher to take his place. This teachers name is Brother Tanner. Having this teacher has really built my testimony on the principle we had before.  It was really hard to see our other teacher go, but this teacher has been everything I needed.  Its funny because they are just my age but they are so wise.  Anyway, I was having a really rough day and I just wasn{t very happy… you know how I can be.  I just felt like I didn{t belong which is my least favorite feeling in the whole world.  I know that I will probably learn to get over that in the next couple of months, but I just felt like this was the wrong place for me to be.  I was told that Brother Tanner has super human sister missionary senses and he can tell when there is something wrong but I really didn{t believe it. But, I had this really bad day, and I think he ditched the lesson plan just to testify to us about the importance of the work. He really acted as an instrument in the hands of God in ministering to my need.  I feel like I can say like nephi that “I… will show unto you that the tender mercies of the Lord are over all those whom he hath chosen, because of their faith , to make them mighty even unto the power of deliverance”. He started talking about the people of Korea and why he loves them. He talked about how America is so unique because it is so individualized and that Korea just has this sense of oneness. Really when you are talking to someone, you never say “you” its always “our”.  It makes our jobs as missionaries kind of hard, but its really kind of a beautiful principle. When you are living with roomates or your companion, don{t be surprised if they just take your things. Because you are companions and such, whats mine is yours and what is yours is mine really is true.  They are such a kind, generous, and sincere people and I have so much to learn from them.  After he told us that, I just really felt like I really do need to go to Korea to learn from the Korean people.  Anyway, Brother Tanner just bore his testimony and said that Heavenly Father knows and understands absolutely everything that we have put on hold and given up.  He testified that we really are not alone in this work.
I did a lot of thinking last week about my family
Whenever things were really hard and I felt like I was all alone, I would just go to my family.  Someone would always say something that was just perfect something that I needed to hear.  I saw this thing that Brother Tanner testified of first hand.  When I felt alone, Heavenly Father put words in a teachers mouth to teach me that everything was ok.  It took one very perceptive person to see that there was a real need, but Heavenly Father showed me that although my support system is far away and not always a phone call away, he will always send someone to fill that position when I really need it.
Something else that I have remembered is that I am stronger than I think I am.  I feel like each time I go through something, he stretches my faith and my patience further than I think I can take. But in the end, I am saying to myself “bring it on, I can do this”.  I am stronger than I think I am.  It is required of us to be stronger than we thing we are, because in reality, we are much stronger than we give ourselves credit for.  I am grateful that God knows exactly what we are made of and what we can handle.
Something that made me laugh:
Um, going to Dr. Brady makes me laugh.  I have had to go everyweek and sometimes, it hurts pretty bad…. The day that I had a really bad day, I went on a really hard run.  It felt so good, but I definitely paid for it in my visit with Dr. Brady today.  So, he was working my leg and it just hurt really bad.  He then gave me a shot in my hip which isnt unusual, but it just makes me laugh because he marks all of the points that he needs to give a shot. Last week, I remarked to mom, that when I come back to the MTC and wash all of the sharpie marks off, its like there is a little treasure map drawn on my leg.  So, today I came back and the map was complete with dotted lines _ _ _ _ and little x where i got the shots.  It just made me laugh… did Kaela tell him about the treasure map thing?
Note:  I think that she ran out of time and the computer kicked her off.  I will post some pictures tomorrow.