My dearest Family and friends,
It is week 9.  Do you know what that means?  It means that if I were a spanish speaking missionary, I would be going to my mission this week.  But, I’ve got 3 more weeks after this one which is awesome because I am here for Christmas and new years.  Also, sister bauer who went home for medical reasons has a little more time to try and get better so that she can go to Korea with us!  If everyone could pray for her that would be wonderful.
 Something that made me think…
I have been thinking a lot about happiness this week and what makes us happy.  We were sitting at the dinner table last night and one of the sisters in my district was cheerfully chatting away like she usually does when she stopped and thought for a while.  Then, she said, “I am happier than I have ever been in my life”.  I did a quick evaluation and found that I was pretty happy about my life right now too.  Although there are so many people that I wish that I could associate with and talk to again, I found that I am pretty happy right now. She asked the rest of us if we were happier than we have ever been before too.    I feel like this has been quite a year of stresses that I would rather not have again. However, she asked when the happiest time in our life was.  I thought pretty hard about it and I would have to say that it was my senior year of high school.  I just remember so many good things from it.  It was actually a pretty hard time in life finishing up school and so much was going on.  However, I just remember having the most amazing conversations with so many of my close friends.  Staying up way later than necessary talking in a freezing car about why life is so amazing and what our purpose in life is and what we plan to do with our lives.  Especially evaluating what the most important thing to us in this life is.
When the sister asked that question, and I thought of those experiences, I realized that so much of my happiness then was because I was not only doing the right thing, but I was grateful for it.  I was continually counting the blessings that I had been given and not expecting anything.  Frankly speaking, i didn’t expect anything because I didn’t deserve anything.  But I am so grateful for friends that influenced me that way and taught me that this life is for us to be happy and grateful.  I am grateful that I realized early on what it felt to be happy… um, amen.
Something that I am grateful for…
I got another package last week! It was awesome.  Brody Bassett sent me trail mix, dried mangos, and fruit juice!  It was awsome.  Also, I am grateful for for my companion.  I was pretty stressed this week about… life.  For some reason, I just felt like I should just tell her every thing I was stressed about and she just comforted me so much.  Her faith is so strong.  You know in the book The Help the lady that writes down her prayers… I cant remember her name.  She writes down all of her prayers and then they are answered.  Well, my companion is like that. She doesn’t write them down, but she prays sincerely for them and everything just works out.  I also was pretty sick with something last week and I didn’t go to class.  She took SUCH good care of me.  She literally asked me every 5 minuetes if I needed anything.  I kind of felt like a lazy bum, but she would let me do anything so that I could get better faster.  She is so sweet and I am so grateful for her.  I don’t think she hates people as much as she says she does 🙂
Something that made me laugh…
So… here is how it happened:  I was walking to go to the health clinic with my companion.  We were going up some stairs and some Elders were in front of us. One had Asics on but they were like Nike frees.  So, I was just enthralled with his shoes and they started to go the opposite way.  So I just had to know if they were really Asics so I asked.  They were and I am really excited that they finally made some shoes like that.  I want to see some up close, but I can wait a couple months. So, the MTC has this overhang thing over all of the sidewalks and because they have them everywhere, there are poles everywhere to hold them up.  He was in the middle of telling me about the shoes when, just like a scene from a movie, I walked smack into the pole.  It really was quite a shock. Everyone was so nice asking me if I was ok and trying not to laugh.  But once I was over the shock, I realized what happened and started laughing.  But really?! This is the second time this month that I’ve run into a pole.  I am not a fan of the overhang thing.
Hang in there everyone!  I know finals are a beast, but its ok, just do your best.
OH, I almost forgot to tell you… Will someone tell grandma that Ken Jennings dad is the counselor in our Zone? He is awesome and he knows absolutely everything.  Something he does for fun is build Kayaks AND he uses them.  Thats basically my dream other going to Korea of course.  And mom, He served with Clyde Worthen in Korea.  You might not know who Clyde is but Sister Worthen will.
 Anyway, I love you much!
Hansen 자매