Oh my goodness gracious.
I have absolutely no time.
Something that I am grateful for: First of all, that poem.  I just got frustrated with the people in my district and when I read that poem I realized that I am no better than anyone else when I try to be as “strong” and opinionated as them.  I am grateful for wisdom.  I am grateful that people sometimes can rise above what they are to be something so much better. The amazing thing is that its not even through anything we can do on our own, but it is through the grace and merit of Jesus Christ. 
Something that made me think: I have thought a lot about complementing people. Not in the way that we tell people something we notice about them, although that is an important part of really complementing someone, but complementing them in the sense that you bring out their best qualities that enable them to be more than they think they are.  Really complementing someone is giving them wings to fly… especially in a partnership or companionship, it has been really important for me to give up anything that I think is right and just allow my companion to do what she wants. Often it is so simple and perfect that I can’t fathom having done it my way first.  However, the investigator hears what they need to hear and I learn my lesson. I feel like this happened over and over again.  It is a humbling experience.  The most important thing is love. I know it sounds like it came from an 80s love song, but if love is the motivation of my service then Heavenly Father can really work through me to bless the lives of others. 
Something that made me laugh:
oh Kaela, I love you.  I opened that marvelous gift you gave me for christmas and I loved all of those stickers that you gave me.  I am so excited to give them to kids.  I wonder however, what I am supposed to do with the batman tatoos?  You know that as a missionary, I cant wear tatoos of any kind… right?  Haha, I love you and it made me laugh.
Have a wonderful week!
I leave on monday!
Hansen chamae