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Dear Family and friends,

Oh how I love you SO much!  It was so good to hear from every single one of you.  I don’t have enough time on the computer to write you all back, but I will write you a personal letter… next week.
My birthday was awesome.  It turns out the people don’t really do the traditional dress thing anymore and so I didn’t go and get a dress.  I probably will eventually though.  We ate dinner at 2 peoples houses. I have been absolutely stuffed for 5 days straight.  It has been … great.  However the food is always good 🙂
Something that made me think:
I have had so many thoughts on my mind that I don’t know what I wanted to share.  I was thinking about Jesus Christ though… a lot.  Its funny because people don’t really understand why they need to care about someone that lived 2000 years ago.  Its funny how insignificant he seems when you don’t understand the magnitude of the atonement and its effect on your life on a personal level.  Its something that is so hard to teach.  So, I want to share with you that the Atonement of Jesus Christ has had a profound impact on my life.  Because of Jesus Christ, I can return home to our heavenly home to live with… all of you someday :). I am so grateful for that knowledge.  There, we can live in happiness that we can’t even comprehend right now. Also, because of Jesus Christ, I have the ability to endure any hard thing that i may face in life.  I have really come to understand this power.  there are so many situations that I have come across that without the perfect example and love of Jesus Christ, I would have never made it through.  I know that this power is real and I know that it is divine.  We have much more help than we think we do.  A quote by Elder Uchtdorf in the forget me not talk says “Sisters, you are closer to heaven than you realize” I know that this is true.  Likewise, He is closer to us than we realize or can comprehend.  I have felt this many times in my life and I know that it is real.
Something that i am grateful for:
I am grateful for Families.  I am grateful for the times when we can go and meet with members or investigators who have families that they want to improve their life for.  Families promote us to do amazing things.  I don’t really know how to express the thought that is in my heart, but because of the love that we have and give to family members, our lives are blessed.  I think of the investigators that we are teaching.  They all love their families so much. They want to live eternally with them.  There are other things about the Gospel that might make the pathway there a little harder, but because of the love that they feel for their family they are exploring this gospel.  I wish we could just teach them that it is absolutely essential.
Something that made me laugh:
I can’t even remember.  I have laughed at a couple of things pretty hard, but in an email it just sounds weird.  I have picked up the Pusan dialect pretty well for a couple of phrases and the Korean missionaries in our district love to hear it.  We were at a families house for Solnar and of course I didn’t know what was going on, so an American elder told me to say “suddenly it was cold” in the pusan dialect.  So, I did, and I basically yelled it because… thats just the way it is.  The family now thinks I am crazy and yeah.  Awesome.
Family news response:
Can you tell me more about this oral surgery and why you needed it?  I have yet to read some of the emails from the family, but I will respond… I promise.  I am thrilled about Ben.  She seems good for him.  Kaela hang in there.  Micah, I love you too and the basement looks AWESOOME.  Jacob, oh, man You are just perfect.  I have to go to an investigators house so I will write again on monday.
Love you!

President & Sister Furniss and Sister Sara Hansen

Something that made me think:
I have thought a lot about my situation.  I am literally in the middle of nowhere with no sure way to communicate with people. I have decided that everything I do has to come through acts of kindness and happiness because thats what sticks with people. I really do love these people and i wish that I could express that to them.
Something I am grateful for:
I too have thought a lot about modesty of the home because we don’t have a lot in our apartment.  Sometimes I really don’t want to start the day because that means that I have to take a shower and the shower is not fun to use, but I am getting used to it. I am grateful that we have heated floors though, that has been a life saver.
Something that made me laugh:
At a memebers home, I was sitting on the floor playing with the kids…cause thats what I do best with my limited skills and this boy walked up to me and just started pulling on my nose.  He probably thought it was too big and was trying to pull it off. it was funny and there was really nothing I could do about it without being too rude so I kind of didn’t do anything 🙂
Mom, I won’t be emailing next monday because its my birthday and all of korea is celebrating it… so naturally the post office is closed.  That means that we will email on wednesday instead.  That will be tuesday in america. much love,
If you want to call my mission president and tell him what is going on with grandpa at anygiven time, you can.  Even if it is just to say that he is better.
THe best way to send something to me really will be to send it to the mission office. I assume you can get that at work.  Its the one in daejeon:)
Tell the rest of the family to email me 🙂

I actually got this letter last Sunday evening, which was Monday in Korea.  So, hopefully I will be posting another letter tomorrow.


My first week in Korea has been great.  I don’t know exactly what I was expecting, but although I love it, it has been a little hard.  I have adjusted quite well to sleeping on the floor, except for that around four in the morning I am really warm because the floors are heated.  I like my mission president a lot.  Its funny because he is the quintessential Mission President.  I really don’t know how else to explain it… He just is.  He is very kind and makes sure his missionaries know that he cares and that he loves them and he is proud of them.  Sometimes I wish I could spend the whole mission in the mission office area, but there is so much to be done.
My companion’s name is Sister… Kim.  haha, I am sure you could have guessed that, but, alas that is what it is.  I love her. She is so sweet and loving and is teaching me how to be a better person. She doesn’t know much english and I don’t know much korean, so that has been really fun… especially because her english is really cute… there are somethings she says that sounds like she learned it from a computer and its really fun.  Other times, its really hard.  yesterday we went to church and I didn’t understand a single thing going on. I got up to bear my testimony and I am not exactly sure if I said everything write.  I do know that I closed my testimony the way I would close a prayer… oops.
So, by the end of church, I was really just down and i wanted to be with my family for a little while.  I couldn’t be happy.  But then we sat down to do companionship study and I started crying.  We struggled for a while to communicate why I was feeling the way I felt and then she said, “I know, all companions … this way” she started crying with me.  Something really sweet she said was ” we are each others family.  Because we can’t be with our real families, I am your mother, your sister, your grandmother… I am your family… and you are mine”  It was really sweet.
So, this morning, we found out that her grandmother passed away yesterday.  Because i cant really speak korean to comfort her, we just cried together.  She is doing well.  She said ” I think the holy spirit help me”  It was sweet and I find so much strength in her.  We are in the country side and I am pretty sure that me and an elder in the seosan area are the only english speaking people in the area.  SO, people stare and then when they see that I am a missionary, they pretend they dont see me.  Its great… I love this game.  Sometimes they say hello which is great to… because Its funny to hear their computer like voices.
Something I am grateful for:
I am greatful for my companion.  Really she is an angel.  I wish we could communicate a little better so I could tell her so! She really understands how to love people and I am learning alot from her.  I am grateful for the ward memebers here.  They really are so supportive of us and our cause.  There are a lot of problems that they have to face but they know where this true source of happiness comes from.  When we go to their houses, i feel like I am at home.
Something that made me laugh:
WE were at an investigators house.  We were teaching her a lesson and her ADORABLE six year old just thought that I was the bomb.  She kept talking to me in korean and I had absolutely no idea what she was saying. So then we were teaching her about joseph smith and trying to be good missionaries and she just kept putting stickers all over me. I kind of just wanted to laugh but that would have been weird.  Anyway, thats all I have time for
I love you all,
Have a great week.