President & Sister Furniss and Sister Sara Hansen

Something that made me think:
I have thought a lot about my situation.  I am literally in the middle of nowhere with no sure way to communicate with people. I have decided that everything I do has to come through acts of kindness and happiness because thats what sticks with people. I really do love these people and i wish that I could express that to them.
Something I am grateful for:
I too have thought a lot about modesty of the home because we don’t have a lot in our apartment.  Sometimes I really don’t want to start the day because that means that I have to take a shower and the shower is not fun to use, but I am getting used to it. I am grateful that we have heated floors though, that has been a life saver.
Something that made me laugh:
At a memebers home, I was sitting on the floor playing with the kids…cause thats what I do best with my limited skills and this boy walked up to me and just started pulling on my nose.  He probably thought it was too big and was trying to pull it off. it was funny and there was really nothing I could do about it without being too rude so I kind of didn’t do anything 🙂
Mom, I won’t be emailing next monday because its my birthday and all of korea is celebrating it… so naturally the post office is closed.  That means that we will email on wednesday instead.  That will be tuesday in america. much love,
If you want to call my mission president and tell him what is going on with grandpa at anygiven time, you can.  Even if it is just to say that he is better.
THe best way to send something to me really will be to send it to the mission office. I assume you can get that at work.  Its the one in daejeon:)
Tell the rest of the family to email me 🙂