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Its me again!!
Wow, its really good to hear from most of you.  I am glad to see that although we are all facing challenges, we are all still kicking.  Haha, esp. Kaela (you really are a fiesty one)  I talked to Dr. Brady on Saturday… it was really good to talk to him.  It made me feel a lot better. However, I am basically a grandma.  I have to go up stairs sideways and sit on a pillow.  Great huh.  Some things he didn’t think about that might be causing me pain are sitting on the floor, sleeping on the floor, eating on the floor, and going up stairs.  So, I am going to use my left leg more to go up and down stairs.  So far, its a little uncomfortable, but he said that he was confident that we can work through this… so I trust him.
Something I have been grateful for:
We extended a baptismal invitation this week and our investigator accepted!! Yay!!  So this baptismal interview process is kind of tough.  I am so grateful for it though.  I know that it is Gods way of doing things… a way of order and cleanliness.  How else would God’s true church funciton?  She is such a sweetheart and we love her so much.
Something that made me think:
I have been so impressed with how much our investigators, mission leaders, and ward members love us.  Especially our investigators.  THey are always so mindful of us and want to take care of us when we are really just trying to take care of them.  THat is something that I really didn’t expect to receive.  One ward member walked up to us yesterday and just poured out her concerns over my hip to us.  I couldn’t tell what she was saying except for a couple words but I knew that she was really conerned.
I know that Heavenly Father is really watching out for me here.  I know that he loves these people and that is why I am here.  I know that he has SO much for me to learn.  Its funny because Jacob mentioned something about weaknesses and I have really been studying weaknesses this week.  I have made an effort to be really frank with myself and my weaknesses.  In Ether 12 there is an amazing promise from God about that and it has been a huge blessing in my life.
I have also been thinking about geneology this week and I am pleased to hear that you are finding a lot more information this week!  I want to see some pictures of those houses dad! thats really so neat.
Micah, Be safe ok?  If i think of anything that skyrockets language learning I will let you know.  One thing that has helped me is not being afraid to pray for the gift of tongues.  THen, work for it.  It will happen.  I am still pretty bad at Korean, but I am having experiences with the language now that will really help me later.
Something that made me laugh:
um… we laugh at a lot of things but somehow, when we get here, I cant think of anything.  Sometimes I just repeat things that I hear a lot and we laugh at thjem.
We are out of time, but I love you and all is well I promise.
Keep praying and being strong.
I love you!!

I had some milestones this week.  First, we were teaching a lesson to an investigator and her son took his first steps!! It was SO awesome.  I don’t think its as big of a deal in korea because she acted as if it was no big deal, but I was SO excited and proud.
second, I ate pig intestine… its my companions favorite food.  SO, we celebrated and ate pig intestine together.  IT was actually pretty good, but still the thought of it makes my stomach churn… it didn’t really sit too well.
third, I ate something else that was exotic, oh, liver.  I ate liver and it wasn’t bad either.  There are other things that i’ve eaten… but I don’t know what they were.
Something I am grateful for,
I am grateful for my mission president.  Really it has been pretty hard not being home around family and people that speak english.  I want to be there to support you in all the progress you are making.  I was talking to him about my leg and I said something like “it would just be so much easier to take care of it at home like I did before”  his reply was that yes, everything would be easier if we were at home, but there are things that you will learn from your mission that will bless your life forever.  He doesn’t let people give up. Like you mom and dad, he knows people’s potential and he has a vision for them.  I am grateful for that.  It is hard being here, and it requires a lot of faith that I don’t have yet, but I will.  I am grateful that Heavenly Father is in control of some things and not me.  Because I would give up a lot sooner than he would let me give up.
SOmething that made me laugh.
I think there are a lot of jokes I miss out on because I don’t speak korean… I can’t really think of something funny. ah, sorry 🙂

Something that made me think:  I have been reading Ether 12 out loud every day this week (it was the suggestion of President Randall before I left).  And because I was struggling, I thought it would be a good exercise.  It has really strengthened my faith and prompted me to rely on God who knows all.  I have been thinking about how in all stages of life, with every big decision, your faith is tested and tried and thats why they are big decisions.  I am on the phone with a doctor so I have to go.
I love you and I will write next week.
Oh yeah,  I wanted to tell you about one of our investigators.  She was originally english interest, but we have started working with her and she is just wonderfull.  THe other night we asked her son if he would pray at the end of the lesson and he shyed away and said no.  But she said that she would. She said the whole prayer for us. I don’t really know what she was saying but it was all for us.  We love her so much and she loves us and it is amazing.  She said that last time she was really worried about us when we left.  anyway.  Thats all.
Love you

Sara and her companion

Something that I have been thinking about.
Trust.  We really have to trust our companions.  We had an experience yesterday that really taught me about trust.  I am not going to go into details, but really I think I have a hard time really trusting people.  But, thats something that I am learning.  When I get married, which won’t be for a really long time, but really, I think that is something I am not going to bend on.  I will expect the utmost trust. I really don’t know how to explain it, but I really learned this principle this week.
Something that made me laugh.
Sister Kim’s sister sent her a sweater.  It was really cute and had these things tied all over it.  Threads kept coming off of the ties and our house was covered in them.. So we spent 10 minutes this morning untieing all of these little decorations… we were laughing SO hard.
Something I am grateful for:
I am grateful for peace.  I have felt so much the past couple of days.  Even when I think that its just too hard to do, I get this sense of duty and peace.  I know I need to do it and I just keep going.  I know that you are praying for me.  I hope you are still studying PMG and going to the temple every week.  I miss the temple SO much.  I think about it every day. Everyone who reads this, just go to the temple.  You are so lucky.  If you can’t go inside, just walk around it.  I miss the peace and pure joy that comes from regular attendance.
I love you very much and I am going to try to send pictures now 🙂
Love you,

Something that made me think:

I feel like I don’t really think about anything substantial right now.  I am just trying to survive in Korea… But, I have thought a lot about faith and especially about Ether 12:4, 12  God cant do anything for us until we exercise faith.  Until we really just put everything in his hands and let him do with it what he will.  Moroni 7 actually kind of talks about faith a bit too.  I feel like I received a pretty good lecture this morning because everything I read was talking about faith.  I know that if we have faith in God, it takes a lot of stress off of us and we are given the strength we need to endure through the rest.
So, that is my goal.  To have more faith in God about my physical limitations and then just do what I can to endure.


Something that made me laugh:

I just made spaghetti for my companion, an investigator and for a ward member and her less active daughter. I was so excited because we found the ingredients at the store and so my companion suggested that I make spaghetti.  Major fail… so in America, spaghetti is awesome.  In Korea, everything that koreans eat is spicy and has a lot of taste.  So, the spaghetti I made was fine, in the sense that i did everything right, but it just wasn’t tasty because we are all used to Korean food.  Everyone sat around the table eating really slowly and quietly.  I felt SO bad.  Our investigator didn’t finish it and the ward member and my companion were really sweet and ate all of it, but i could tell that they really didn’t like it.  Our investigator, thinking that I couldn’t understand said something about it being really different and definitely not korean.  Man oh man.  I don’t think that I will try that again.


Something that I am grateful for:

I am grateful for people.  I love people.  My favorite activity is actually proselyting.  I love just greeting people with a big smile and talking to them.  SOmetimes, they will get really excited and just jibber away in korean at me.  I really don’t know much Korean, so I can’t really talk to them, but I love just seeing them smile and get really excited.  I like to think that I have changed their day for the better or something like that.  I hope that you all do that in your spheres of influence.  I hope that you are a source of light to people because all people can have light, so if they have some kind of model or source, they can always reflect it. I decided that it is human nature to reflect light, but so many things about life teach us not to.  However, when we live in a way that we can either magnify the light of others or be the source of that light, we truly fulfill our purpose as children of our Heavenly Father.  I think that the only reason heaven or the celestial kingdom will be so wonderful will be because of the people that will be there.  Any place is just a place unless the people there make it something more.
I love you all very much,


Today has been a super busy day.  One of our investigator called this morning because she missed us… so we went to her work and talked to her for a little while. She said that she is going to move to the United States someday.  When she comes, she wants to hang out.  It made me laugh a little.
Something I have been thinking about:
Light.  Yesterday, we were proselyting and walking by a gaming room it took me a while to realize that someone was saying “hello” to me.  Not aneyounghaseo, but hello. I turned around and this girl was there.  I started telling her about the gospel and then her eye suddenly hurt. haha, we spent 5 minutes talking about her eye and making sure she was ok. Anyway, we told her about the gospel and she said that she just wanted to say hi because we had a light about us. I thought that was interesting because I have never really thought about how stark the contrast is between us and our joy about our message and the other people on the street just trying to sell something.  I hope I am not the only one that notices the difference.
Something I am grateful for:
I am really grateful for my companion. SHe is really perfect for me.  WE laugh about a lot of things and we really do have joy in the moment.  I have learned alot about this from her and I hope that I can exemplify that principle throughout my life.  Also, she is just really good at opening up conversation with people… something that i have never been particularly good at.  Also, I am grateful for the Seosan ward.  Yesterday while we were sitting in church, talking about how to bring people to church and just about people we wanted to see at church, I realized that our sphere is never too small to care about others.  Even if you are metaphorically a small branch of maybe thirty people.  There is always someone you can help… Even if it just you.
Something that made me laugh:
So we were knocking on doors ka ka ho ho is what they call it here.  We were invited into the home of a college student.  He was really nice and very reserved.  Well we taught him a short first lesson and set up another appointment for a few days later.  WHen we left my companion told me that she wasn’t sure if he was a girl or a boy. She was convinced that he was a girl and I thought he was a boy.  So the next time we taught, she asked him… um super awkward. She said “you are just really beautiful and your hair is like my friends”  It was a guy and the rest of the lesson was pretty bad.  We were all just distracted by that and it was a little hard to recover from.  After, we commiserated and then laughed a lot.