Today has been a super busy day.  One of our investigator called this morning because she missed us… so we went to her work and talked to her for a little while. She said that she is going to move to the United States someday.  When she comes, she wants to hang out.  It made me laugh a little.
Something I have been thinking about:
Light.  Yesterday, we were proselyting and walking by a gaming room it took me a while to realize that someone was saying “hello” to me.  Not aneyounghaseo, but hello. I turned around and this girl was there.  I started telling her about the gospel and then her eye suddenly hurt. haha, we spent 5 minutes talking about her eye and making sure she was ok. Anyway, we told her about the gospel and she said that she just wanted to say hi because we had a light about us. I thought that was interesting because I have never really thought about how stark the contrast is between us and our joy about our message and the other people on the street just trying to sell something.  I hope I am not the only one that notices the difference.
Something I am grateful for:
I am really grateful for my companion. SHe is really perfect for me.  WE laugh about a lot of things and we really do have joy in the moment.  I have learned alot about this from her and I hope that I can exemplify that principle throughout my life.  Also, she is just really good at opening up conversation with people… something that i have never been particularly good at.  Also, I am grateful for the Seosan ward.  Yesterday while we were sitting in church, talking about how to bring people to church and just about people we wanted to see at church, I realized that our sphere is never too small to care about others.  Even if you are metaphorically a small branch of maybe thirty people.  There is always someone you can help… Even if it just you.
Something that made me laugh:
So we were knocking on doors ka ka ho ho is what they call it here.  We were invited into the home of a college student.  He was really nice and very reserved.  Well we taught him a short first lesson and set up another appointment for a few days later.  WHen we left my companion told me that she wasn’t sure if he was a girl or a boy. She was convinced that he was a girl and I thought he was a boy.  So the next time we taught, she asked him… um super awkward. She said “you are just really beautiful and your hair is like my friends”  It was a guy and the rest of the lesson was pretty bad.  We were all just distracted by that and it was a little hard to recover from.  After, we commiserated and then laughed a lot.