Something that made me think:

I feel like I don’t really think about anything substantial right now.  I am just trying to survive in Korea… But, I have thought a lot about faith and especially about Ether 12:4, 12  God cant do anything for us until we exercise faith.  Until we really just put everything in his hands and let him do with it what he will.  Moroni 7 actually kind of talks about faith a bit too.  I feel like I received a pretty good lecture this morning because everything I read was talking about faith.  I know that if we have faith in God, it takes a lot of stress off of us and we are given the strength we need to endure through the rest.
So, that is my goal.  To have more faith in God about my physical limitations and then just do what I can to endure.


Something that made me laugh:

I just made spaghetti for my companion, an investigator and for a ward member and her less active daughter. I was so excited because we found the ingredients at the store and so my companion suggested that I make spaghetti.  Major fail… so in America, spaghetti is awesome.  In Korea, everything that koreans eat is spicy and has a lot of taste.  So, the spaghetti I made was fine, in the sense that i did everything right, but it just wasn’t tasty because we are all used to Korean food.  Everyone sat around the table eating really slowly and quietly.  I felt SO bad.  Our investigator didn’t finish it and the ward member and my companion were really sweet and ate all of it, but i could tell that they really didn’t like it.  Our investigator, thinking that I couldn’t understand said something about it being really different and definitely not korean.  Man oh man.  I don’t think that I will try that again.


Something that I am grateful for:

I am grateful for people.  I love people.  My favorite activity is actually proselyting.  I love just greeting people with a big smile and talking to them.  SOmetimes, they will get really excited and just jibber away in korean at me.  I really don’t know much Korean, so I can’t really talk to them, but I love just seeing them smile and get really excited.  I like to think that I have changed their day for the better or something like that.  I hope that you all do that in your spheres of influence.  I hope that you are a source of light to people because all people can have light, so if they have some kind of model or source, they can always reflect it. I decided that it is human nature to reflect light, but so many things about life teach us not to.  However, when we live in a way that we can either magnify the light of others or be the source of that light, we truly fulfill our purpose as children of our Heavenly Father.  I think that the only reason heaven or the celestial kingdom will be so wonderful will be because of the people that will be there.  Any place is just a place unless the people there make it something more.
I love you all very much,