Its me again!!
Wow, its really good to hear from most of you.  I am glad to see that although we are all facing challenges, we are all still kicking.  Haha, esp. Kaela (you really are a fiesty one)  I talked to Dr. Brady on Saturday… it was really good to talk to him.  It made me feel a lot better. However, I am basically a grandma.  I have to go up stairs sideways and sit on a pillow.  Great huh.  Some things he didn’t think about that might be causing me pain are sitting on the floor, sleeping on the floor, eating on the floor, and going up stairs.  So, I am going to use my left leg more to go up and down stairs.  So far, its a little uncomfortable, but he said that he was confident that we can work through this… so I trust him.
Something I have been grateful for:
We extended a baptismal invitation this week and our investigator accepted!! Yay!!  So this baptismal interview process is kind of tough.  I am so grateful for it though.  I know that it is Gods way of doing things… a way of order and cleanliness.  How else would God’s true church funciton?  She is such a sweetheart and we love her so much.
Something that made me think:
I have been so impressed with how much our investigators, mission leaders, and ward members love us.  Especially our investigators.  THey are always so mindful of us and want to take care of us when we are really just trying to take care of them.  THat is something that I really didn’t expect to receive.  One ward member walked up to us yesterday and just poured out her concerns over my hip to us.  I couldn’t tell what she was saying except for a couple words but I knew that she was really conerned.
I know that Heavenly Father is really watching out for me here.  I know that he loves these people and that is why I am here.  I know that he has SO much for me to learn.  Its funny because Jacob mentioned something about weaknesses and I have really been studying weaknesses this week.  I have made an effort to be really frank with myself and my weaknesses.  In Ether 12 there is an amazing promise from God about that and it has been a huge blessing in my life.
I have also been thinking about geneology this week and I am pleased to hear that you are finding a lot more information this week!  I want to see some pictures of those houses dad! thats really so neat.
Micah, Be safe ok?  If i think of anything that skyrockets language learning I will let you know.  One thing that has helped me is not being afraid to pray for the gift of tongues.  THen, work for it.  It will happen.  I am still pretty bad at Korean, but I am having experiences with the language now that will really help me later.
Something that made me laugh:
um… we laugh at a lot of things but somehow, when we get here, I cant think of anything.  Sometimes I just repeat things that I hear a lot and we laugh at thjem.
We are out of time, but I love you and all is well I promise.
Keep praying and being strong.
I love you!!