Mama!! Family, and friends…
Hello from Happy Seosan!!
We have had quite the week here and are SO busy all of the time and I love that.  Our baptism date fell through but we noticed some particular blessings that are still coming from the experience.  The first is that God knows us and he answers our prayers in a very personal way.  Although sometimes it takes some heartaches learning to find his will, we are in the end, so much happier.  We had been praying for her… we have had a hard time committing her to come to church and so we were praying for her.  I know that in my prayers I prayed that she would have a desire to come to church.  The next day, we received a call right after church and the first thing she said was “after I get baptized, do I have to come to church EVERY week?” to which our response was yes.  Well after that she was just frustrated and didn’t want to get baptized.  But then she told us that she couldn’t stop thinking about church and that she was wrestling with the decision to go all day.  Well, she decided to go and started to get ready when her work called and she had to go there instead.  She was really upset because she finally made up her mind to go and then she couldn’t.  So in the end, our prayer was actually answered.  I am grateful and I can see the hand of God so clearly in our missionary life.
funny moment:
So, There is this man who lives in the apartment below us.  The walls are thin or something because we can hear so much of what is going on in the apartments around us.  Well, every morning we wake up and start getting ready for the day. Every morning at after he wakes up, he sneezes 3 or 4 times.  Believe it or not, his sneezes are a little tender mercy.  They sound exaclty like dad’s sneezes.  I told this to sister kim and she said that they are exactly like HER dads sneezes.  So, every morning and sometimes night we giggle at the man who sneezes and we tell our dads that we love him.  Dad, I guess that means you sneeze like a korean.
Something I have been thinking about:
We had a humbling experience this week.  We were going to visit the afore said investigator at her apartment when we came across a grandmother crawling across the street.  Really it was quite a rude awakening to the purpose of our calling and really being the followers of the savior that our nametags say we are.  She needed medicine and because her husband is suffering from dementia she had to get it.  So we found her when she was halfway there.  Really it was one of the most humbling experiences I have ever had.  I love these people and they need help.  I am one of the few selected to be here at this time.