Hello again!!

Everything will work out my Dear Family I promise.  Life is challenging isn’t it?  I love it though.
Really, we had a pretty rough week last week because nearly all of our investigators dropped… Yeah, pretty sad, but we are doing alright.   We found a golden investigator this week though.  SHe is absolutely amazing… let me just give you an idea: When we first met her, she said she was looking for religion sister Kim gave her all of the pamphets she had and in our second meeting, she said she had read all of them.  Second, she has only read three books in her life which doesn’t sound like a plus but she said that the book of Mormon was the first book she has actually wanted to read.  Third, she said something that was really beautiful and It really made me think…
She has a really hard life and while telling us about it she said “I just want to hold hands with God”  I think we have all felt like that before.  I found it interesting how universal that feeling is.  It is similar to that longing to go home to something familiar and comforting.  What is awesome is that we can help. We have the truths and the promise that she needs. I am so lucky that I have this gospel and that I have never really had it challenged by anyone.  The Korean members here face that persecution a lot.  A lot of peope think that we are a cult and it is really sad.
Something that made me laugh:
So, everyone seems to be thinking about bath houses… Yeah I am going next week.  I promised my companion I would.  From what I heard, everyone is really scared to try it, but once they do, they love it.  Its so funny because its SO against my nature… I still might chicken out…
I think daylight savings was something that was started by Benjamin Franklin (at least thats what national treasure says) and I don’t think the principle made it to korea… Did you start that it Utah yet?
I love you all so much dear family 🙂  It will all work out in the end.  Keep going to the temple and keep your chin up.  Oh, I might not have been very coherent in my last letter.  So, the lady that was crawling across the street was getting medicine for herself.  She couldn’t walk or use her legs at all for that matter.  So she was dragging her legs along…man, I am so grateful that I have legs that still work.