Mama!!! and everyone else,
I love hearing about everyone and what they are doing.   The weather has been mostly good here and the work is going slowly but surely.  I am so surprised that the First Presidency sent out that letter.  I had a debate with a sister in the MTC about Hatch.  I like him… she didn’t.  But hey, we are both on our missions so, neither of us could vote.  I haven’t had any political debates since.  However, I am really excited for the election and it would be awesome if I could do the whole absentee ballot thingy.  Could you send me information on that?  Haha, um 99 to 6 eh? Way to go dad, next go for congress.  Actually, do that when you retire.  I like having you around.
Something I am grateful for: I am grateful for this opportunity that I have to act as a ministering angel for Heavenly Father.  I love contacting people, smiling to people, listening to people even though I really have NO idea what they are saying.  I love the happiness that comes from it.  Mom, you talked about points of being happy and how to be happy.  One of the things was to be immersed in what you are doing.  If I really think about what I am doing and how it fits in the plan of salvation, I can’t help but keep that to myself.  Similarly, when I share that joy with others just by being happy, because lets be honest, people can’t understand me when I speak, I am even more happy.  Its so strange but its an eternal principle.  Actually I think President Uchtdorf said something along the lines of “those who bring sunshine to others cannot keep it from themselves”  It’s SO true.
This week, we were waiting for a bus to go back home and we sat down in the terminal next to two old ladies.  One of the ladies turned around and asked me where I was from.  I said that I am from America and then she just started saying a bunch of stuff.  I could tell that it was about Americans and gum and chips but thats about it.  So, she got up and left, but I guess my mind was still on gum and America.  I have had three pieces of gum in my backpack from before my mission.  I know its kind of gross, but I offered some to my companion who just got excited and we chased down the old lady and gave her some American gum.  So, it turns out that all of the stuff that I didn’t understand was her talking about the war.  During the Korean war, Americans gave Korea gum and chips.  She said that because they were so hungry it was a big blessing. She said that she is now 76 and she will never forget the taste of american gum.  SO, when we gave her the gum, she had the biggest, cutest, probably toothless smile on her face and it made my heart melt.
I guess that is what made me think too.  Sorry this format is a little messed up.
Something that made me laugh, One of our investigators is taking the fact that we are serving missionaries seriously.  SHe said that she wanted us to teach her at work.  So, we showed up and she started telling me to go arount to the patrons of her work and give them coffee.  Um, that is SO not in our job descriptions.  It was funny and sister kim and i laughed about that all the way home.
Oh something else, we were getting on another bus and the bus guy asked if I was cold.  I said no.  Then he went off about how all Americans eat hamburgers and steak So, when I grow up I will be fat.  Its so funny because they think that steak is really all that we eat.
Mom, I am so grateful for what you said about the temple.  Really, I think the day I come home, the first thing I want to do after flying in, is go to the temple with everyone… and then go eat steak ;). I know that its hard to go and sometimes you are so tired afterward, but it is such a blessing.  One wardmember went to the temple last week.  He woke up at 3 am to go and got back at 9pm.  Really, we are SO blessed.  I feel like every missionary has stories about saints like that… and now I do too.  Count your blessings 🙂
I love you so much!!
Have a wonderful week!!
Sister Hansen