Dearest Family,
It sounds like everyone is doing well… at least I hope they are.  Mom, I am hoping the skirts were a little bigger because i have put on a little weight.  I think… yeah its hard to tell… we don’t have a scale at our house so its really hard to keep track of.  I could weigh myself here at the post office, but only if I want the scale to announce it in korean to everyone in the office.  SO, I stopped that a long time ago.  If not, thats ok too.  I am guessing that the summer will help me loose that blessing from seosan.  Plus, my new companion doesn’t like to eat. SO, I think we are going to get along just fine. I really miss sister kim, but sister lee is so nice too.  Its hard for her coming into an area where everyone loved sister kim SO much, but I think she will be just fine.  I think she and I need to learn something more from seosan.
It sounds like conference was wonderful.  I am excited to read it.  I am trying to see if I can go out to another area to watch it in english next week.  But if not, I will listen to it in korean next week and read subtitles in english.  I am so lucky that I can hear the prophets and apostles and understand them in their native tongue.  I really never thought about how much of a blessing that is, but I am grateful.
Our three areas combined on saturday and sunday and had a meeting.  It was so wonderful.  President and SIster Furniss came and talked to everyone and it was just so good to see them and everyone in our three areas.  I was on cloud nine.
We also had a meeting with our ward mission leader last night.  We got a missionary fresh from the MTC in seosan last week and he met the mission leader yesterday.  I think he knows more Korean than I do… that is the greenie and not the mission leader, but yeah, they all know more than I do.. .so my korean definitely is not awesome.  Last night while we were meeting though, It was so amazing because I don’t really understand a lot, but while he was talking to us the spirit was so strong.  I didn’t understand everything he was saying but I got that feeling of wanting to be better, wanting to be a better servant, wanting to be stronger and wanting to just be better.  I found it interesting that  here I am a girl from Provo Utah, called to this small city in Korea to learn from this humble member of the church in South Korea.  The church’s base isn’t in Salt Lake, it is in the testimony and true conversion of each member of the church.  The gospel and its strength is in how much you let it penetrate your heart and direct your actions. It was so good. and my spirit was fed.  Sometimes I feel like what i am learning on my mission is to follow the spirit and not my logic.  Its a humble and fulfilling experience.
Something funny:
So, I forgot to mention (i think I forgot to mention) that we got a new investigator last week… we met in the bath house.  SHe walked up to sister kim and i and just started talking to us and telling us we were beautiful… um yeah, probably the most weird and awkward experience in my life.  But, we met again (fully dressed) and then again.  We ate lunch with her and when sister kim said a prayer over the food, she started crying.  Her heart is so soft and she is so accepting.  After lunch she wanted to just make sure we were healthy and strong so, she took us to the Korean hospital. The Hospital in korea is just like an accupuncturist.  I have been and I didn’t really want to repeat that experience so, I just kept telling them that I was fine and that I didn’t need to be checked… I hope I didn’t offend her.  I am scared to meet again.. It was so hard to argue my case when I really have no idea how to say anything in Korean, but they were content when I said next time. So, yeah I don’t really want to meet again.
Well that is all for now…
Much love,
Sister Hansen