Something I have been thinking about really quickly:
We only have 1 investigator right now.  Last week we met her and were
able to serve her.  I was just really humbled to be able to serve her
and I am so grateful for the opportunity to carry out our calling in
that way.  I am convinced that it is the best way to do missionary
work.  Before anything else, you have to show people that you care.

SOmething that made me laugh:
We have been proselyting a lot and funny things keep happening.  Last
week we were just street proselyting in the open market and some old
man walked up to me and just said BOO and walked away.  So strange and
so funny.  Then I had a conversation or at least tried to have a
conversation with a vendor. The way that old ladies start
conversations here is that they tell you that you are beautiful and
then they slap your bum… it was just so funny to me.  Culture is so
different in that way.   Koreans are just funny people.  I always
thought they were really serious and stuff, but they are really funny.
 They have a good sense of humor.  THe more I understand the more I
can pick up on.

  I love you so much and hope to
hear from you next week 🙂