OH golly Family I LOVE YOU!!
It sounds like you are all doing wonderful.  Today was transfers and I am staying in Seosan.  I will have another Korean companion and I am a little worried.  But, I know that this is where God needs me.  Once again. It has been hard because I am on the fourth floor of my apartment with no elevator, but, despite that, president still felt like I needed to be in Seosan… so I am.  Sometimes I am taken by surprise that I am on a mission and that I am in Korea.  Part of me feels like I know this.  I cant really explain, but my companion for example.  I needed her.  In so many ways, I needed her.  I feel like I have learned so much about people relations from her… really I don’t think she is human.  She is SO compassionate and SO understanding of absolutely everyone.  I am going to miss her.
I am so thrilled that everyone is getting involved in indexing and family history.  Really I can’t relay my joy to you adequately enough, but if you are doing it, you probably can feel that joy anyway.  Honestly I don’t think that you realize how happy it makes you until you have to miss a week of temple attendance or you are not able to index names for a while.  So I have heard about the peel family from both dad and Jacob.  Really what an amazing story.  Kudos to you for recognizing that as a blessing.  Mom and Dad, are you still going to the temple every week? I hope you are.
Kaela, thank you for the words of CS lewis… really I love that.  It really makes me want to give my all here.  I only have a year on my mission on April 11th and when I think about what was going on last April it seems like yesterday.  So, this is going to go by SO fast.
Something I have been thinking about: We went to one of our areas on Friday and we were on our way back thinking about our visit with a member and her friends.  I looked out the bus window and saw the stars. They were so beautiful and bright.  The bus was quiet and my companion and I were just talking about haha aquariums of all things.  But I was just so happy and satisfied about our work.  I just feel so much gratitude that I can be on a mission right now.  I hope I never forget that feeling.  The feeling of knowing that everything I am doing is in the hands of God.  I feel like he is making me what he needs me to be for the rest of my life.  Its so hard sometimes, I think the parts of our character that are the most dangerous and self destructive are the parts that are hardest to purge ourselves of. I know you all know what I mean.
SOmething funny:
Really I cant think of something funny…
Um we went to the bath house this morning.  Actually I think I am actually a korean person now. SO, I don’t think I will ever have a problem wearing a bathing suit in public again. I never thought I would react this way, but naked people are just naked people and when I go home, I think I will miss the bath houses.  Mom, isnt that crazy? Oh, and I am terrified for the summer.  WE went to the sauna, and sat down and my companion says that the sauna is what it is like in the summer for a week… the rest of the summer is just deathly hot.  I am terrified…
um, I think thats all for now.  I love you!!
IT was SO good to hear from all of you.
Mom, I don’t know what color of skirt I would need.  um maybe just some color… but not over board?  Or white… I have no white skirts I have no idea.  you know my style more than I do.  Thank you 🙂 I ripped one of my skirts the other day so… that will be nice.
I love you