So I was reading Mosiah this morning and I was just amazed at the
mercy of Jesus Christ and this wonderful plan that has been put forth
for us.  I read mosiah chapter 13 through 18 and I suggest you do too.
It is so amazing. Isaiah was an incredible prophet with a great
understanding and testimony of the mission of Christ.  Something that
really struck me while reading was  Mosiah 14:7 “He was oppressed and
he was afflicted, yet he opened not his mouth; he is brought as a lamb
to the slaugher, and as a sheep before her shearers is dumb so he
opened not his mouth”  In the MTC Elder Bednar talked to us about how
everything Christ does is for us.  We all know this, but it is
particularly enlightening to read of Christ’s acts and to really think
about the purpose behind which he does things.
Especially in talking about the resurrection.  In Mosiah 14:18-23 it
was so plain to me why Jesus rose again.  Why he suffered for our sins
and opened not his mouth.  Why he so willingly submitted to literally
every pain and affliction that he needed to take upon himself that we
might have eternal life.  Literally every thing he did, and the things
he bore with patience is incredible.
I hope on this easter Sunday, you think about that and the eternal
significance it has in your life personally.  I know that he lives and
that he rose again for our sakes.
A tender mercy I have seen.  Yesterday our branch watched conference.
Me and the other forigner missionary were going to just watch it in
korean and later watch what we could in english, but one of the
members pulled up the written talks on his phone and we were able to
read conference.  I couldn’t look at him to thank him because my eyes
were too full of tears.  It was such a tender mercy.  I am grateful
that I could read conference.  It was probably one of the most
powerful conference experiences in my life.  I loved it.
I need to go, but I love you very much.
Have a wonderful day!!
Sister Sara Hansen