So, its not p-day, but we missed emailing yesterday.  We are doing
well here.  I am thinking I only have 2 more weeks left in seosan and
then I get to say goodbye to my greenie area.  I am supposed to set up
a time to call for mothers day… so when is good for you? I think you
are supposed to call me too.  So… yeah.

Last week I said we were going to the beach and when we actually met
with the member that was going us, she drove us to the house she grew
up in which is by the beach, but not at the beach.  So, yeah we went
to a farm last week and it was great. Yesterday we went to cheonan and
met up with the rest of the zone.  It was SO fun.  We rode bikes and
then went to the bath houses. Then when we got back we went to eat
dinner at a members and didn’t get to write… so sorry.

Something i am grateful for:  The weather is finally beautiful here in
Seosan and I don’t have to wear my winter coat anymore.

Something I have been thinking about: I have been thinking a lot about
how the Lord doesn’t give us any  challenge that we aren’t capable of
dealing with.  There is a lot that I have faced since being here that
I didn’t think that I could really do.  Its funny how different our
views of our own limits are so different from the Lord’s views of our
limits.  Especially when we gain companionship with him… that is,
when our will truly meets his and your intentions and motives change
from being selfishly motivated to just seeking to help others or just
trying to be a good disciple of Christ.  I have seen this in so many
missionaries in the field.  I don’t know when it happens but with some
of the older missionaries, it is just so apparent that their hearts
have truly changed.  I feel like it is so easy to be selfish as a
young missionary that can’t really do much yet.  It is easy to get
caught up in how much you don’t know or how inadequate you really are.
 It is something that I have struggled with a little bit.  But,
something a greenie in my area has taught me is that it doesn’t matter
how much you know at all. Yes, we need to be able to speak the
language, but it is more about who you are that what you say.
Something that has had a profound impact on me since I have been here,
is that people can love other people without speaking the same
language.  When I first got here, I saw it in my companion and in our
investigators.  Now, as I am still struggling with the language, no
matter how badly I mess up, people can still feel that there is
something different about our message and our purpose.  Its amazing
how much you learn when you are humbled and then look at your
weaknesses from God’s perspective.  None of us are perfect and only
through Christ will we ever be perfect.  I love that although my
challenges here are so direct, so is my exposure to the simple truths
of the gospel.  Having the doctrine of the gospel a constant focus of
my study makes the principles easy to recognize.  Whether I apply
these truths to my challenges is up to me.  Its really quite amazing.
I am honored to have this experience.
Thats a lot to be thinking about huh 🙂

Something that made me laugh:
We were proselyting and I walked up to some grandmothers selling
things on the street.  They made me feel like a pop star.  One of them
held my hand and introduced me to the others telling that I believed
in Jesus.  Then they all said “amen”.  Then I told them who I was and
then one of them made the shape of a heart above her head and said “i
love you”.  Haha yeah.  It was good.  Someone should make a
documentary of my life.  Its hilarious.

Oh, and you know how everyone that goes to Korea comes back with 15
celebrities that everyone told them they looked like?  Well they do.
I got my first one the other day.  It was from my companion.  She said
that I looked like Hermione Granger.  No, not Emma Watson. Hermione.
I had just gotten out of the shower and dried my hair.  Don’t worry
though.  Its a step up.  My first companion said I looked like a lion.

So… Micah is off to boot camp.  Is he going to be there next April?
Mom, I am so glad to hear about your hands.
I love you,
Thanks for the inspiration!!